The Issue


Global road traffic deaths number over 1.2 million annually, with another 50 million seriously injured. Road accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged between 15 and 44, with lower income countries being particularly affected. The problem is getting worse with road traffic deaths increasing by about 13 per cent globally since 2000. The most comprehensive research conducted to date, the European Truck Accident Causation Study found that:

"Accidents involving commercial vehicles are caused by human error in 80-90% of cases."

Road safety is one of the greatest development challenges this century. There is a new global consensus to reduce accidents, with the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety and Agenda for Sustainable Development aiming to halve deaths and injuries by 2020.
Even smaller accidents cause major headaches for firms, especially where another road user is involved. The UK Government calculates the total cost of non-injury accidents and accidents not reported to police each year, in 2016 alone that figure was an astonishing £24 billion pounds.

Our Solution: Aptitude Profiling for Drivers


Our Goal: Safer drivers; safer roads


For a fraction of the cost of training a new driver or the cost of a single minor accident, we provide high quality reliable data on the suitability of an individual to become and stay a safe, professional driver. This hard evidence supports your decision making on areasr such as; hiring, training, personnel development, compensation or suitability for a role.
Our scientific, evidence based approach, expertise in psychometrics coupled with extensive knowledge of the transport industry helps ensure that your potential new employees have the ability and traits required to succeed before expensive driver training starts. This is critical because research shows that 70% of job performance is existing ability with only 30% improvement attributable to training.
For existing employees profiling creates a trustworthy benchmark against which all drivers can be assessed, increasing your knowledge of potential risk areas and informing your risk management strategy.
Enabling better decisions to be made in these areas will have immediate positive effects on organisational performance.

Lack of attention and concentration has been shown to be the single biggest contributing factor for accidents. Our key test for drivers evaluates nine facets of aptitude and attention and gives a reliable indication of ability to concentrate. No matter how good the driver, human error is the root cause of most accidents.

Increase safety for your staff, fleet and the general public.

The benefits of this approach are both immediate and longer term, companies tell us they found that:

No matter how many drivers you are recruiting a year, AptiDrive helps make every recruitment decision a little easier and more likely to be a long term success

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