Objective Testing

—noun: capability; ability; potential to do certain kinds of work.

Skills, ability, aptitude and psychometric testing are widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful methods of predicting an individual's success within a role, for both job applicants and succession planning.

Research by the British Psychological Society found;

"...evidence consistently shows that objective measures such as tests and questionnaires provide more accurate assessments of individuals than subjective approaches such as interviews or evaluating CVs".

British Psychological Society
We all recognise that people have a vast range of different skills and abilities and that no two people are alike. Given all these differences it's no wonder that assessing an individual's suitability for a particular role takes time, can be expensive and is often subject to error.

It's a fact that when reliable and valid tests are used, the likelihood of selecting the best person for the role is increased considerably. It's therefore critical that any tests selected have been proven to work, are appropriate for the task and delivered in the appropriate environment. We believe that many new on-line tests fail one or more of these key criteria and therefore are not capable of producing meaningful repeatable results.
Testing, in all it's forms, is a science, discipline and now industry in its own right. Its roots can be traced back to psychological research work carried out in the early 1950s. Academic research and technological progress are constantly leading to the creation of new thinking and innovative new approaches.

One of the most important aspects of testing is ensuring the accuracy of results and minimisation of errors, this can only be achieved by using the right test for the right purpose. That's why we only use tests that have proven to be reliable and valid for the specific role.

AptiDrive Profiling

Aptitude profiling is based on reliable framework that allows us to measure the many different facets of an individual's ability, personality and other attributes.

Analysis of job roles, produces a distinct list of competences which are required to carry out that role to a competent standard.
The attributes in the testing framework are matched to the list of role competencies required and assessed on varying types of compatibility. From this analysis we can create a reliable, repeatable framework for each role, against which we can measure individual test results.
The analysis of an individual's test results against this framework gives us a reliable measure of that persons compatibility for the role.
This method enables informed and objective people decisions to be made with confidence and without bias.

Results from this method can be used in many different ways;
Our knowledgeable testing professionals will quickly assess the key competencies required in your job roles and select the correct test or tests to accurately and competently measure these.

Testing can be easily added at any stage; to an existing recruitment process or within learning and development process. Our test professionals can create and supply testing methods suitable for many industries, especially:

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