Why choose AptiDrive:

All our psychometric tests are approved by the British Psychological Society and our consultants are certified occupational Test Users or above. We work with you to carefully select the right tests for your exact needs and specific circumstances, ensuring tests are both statistically valid and reliable.
We ensure both paper and on-line tests are delivered in the most appropriate environment, ensuring you have certainty of results and the candidate performs in as realistic a setting as possible.
  • AptiDrive provides you with detailed knowledge about your employees abilities that you can trust, increasing the reliability of your recruitment choices
  • We deliver customised solutions that easily embed aptitude and ability testing into your recruitment processes and throughout learning and development journeys
  • We work at all levels of job role, across all functions and at all points of the employee experience, offering a large portfolio of highly reliable tests and assessments
  • We use powerful predictive psychometric and ability tests that we match to your exact recruitment, learning and development needs
  • The only psychometric profiling organisation in the UK focussed on blue collar workers and risk management
  • Evaluation of outcomes and proof of return on investment (ROI)
  • On-going support from a dedicated profiler who will understand your requirements, share industry best practice and work with you to reduce costs and perfect process

All the psychometric tests we use have quantifiable validity to a high level of statistical accuracy. This is a critical guarantee of quality based on best practice from the British Psychological Society. We always recommend that testing is carried out under exam like conditions to help reduce error and ensure consistent high quality results.

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