Cost effective aptitude profiling

With 70% of employee performance coming from existing ability and only 30% possible from training, it’s absolutely critical to identify the best match for any role. Our scientifically designed aptitude and personality tests, approved by the British Psychological Society, are used by recruiters across the world to improve identification of the perfect candidate. We help you:

  • Create excellent selection processes that build an effective and safe workforce
  • Improve your risk management (ISO45001) and help mitigate corporate loss, through objective people evaluation and profiling
  • Build a trusted skilled and happy workforce quickly with confidence
  • Quicker recruitment, reduce staff turnover, save time and money
  • Reveal the risk profile of your staff and highlight potential issues before incidents occur (PAS1010) and prioritise those that require training the most
  • Reduce accidents in the workplace, on site and on the road

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Aptitude Profiling

Improves your candidate selection and reduces costs of recruitment. It gives you a trusted objective analysis that can be easily added to your existing recruitment and people development processes.
Supports quicker and more meaningful inductions and improves employee engagement.
Extensive record of success in delivering trusted people knowledge.

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Why choose AptiDrive

We provide customised solutions to embed aptitude, ability and skills profiling into your recruitment process and throughout the learning and development journey.
We work at all levels of job role and across all functions, offering a large portfolio of highly reliable tests and assessments and related services.

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Aptitude Profiling for Transport

We offer sector specific profiling including language neutral tests for the road transport sector. Our focus is on ensuring the best fit for roles that are in potentially high risk or dangerous areas.
Keep your staff, fleet and the general public safe. Raise quality, standards of service and delight your customers.
Integrate with your ISO 45001 Risk Management processes.

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